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This rangefinder is specifically designed to be connected to a side-mounted picatinny rail on a rifle and sight in to the scope. The visible laser that is able to turn on or off makes it easy to sight in to any thermal, night vision, or regular riflescope.

This left side model is made to mount to the left side of the gun for right-eye dominant shooters to be able to use their right eye to look through the scope and at the same time be able to use their left eye to look at the distance measurement on the screen of the RM1200LRF. 

The RM1200LRF is rated for 1200 yards on highly reflective targets. It ranges most terrain such as trees, shrubs, dirt, animals, etc. at 750 yards consistently. High humidity, rain, snow, and fog can reduce the effective distance considerably as it will with any rangefinder. 

This rangefinder has the following settings:

- Can be set to either Yards or Meters

- HD mode to measure true "Horizontal Distance" for shooting from steep angles

- Fog mode for better ranging in humidity, rain, snow, and fog

- Speed mode for tracking MPH or km/h for a target that is traveling towards or away from you


Accuracy +/- 1 yard 

Ranging distance of 8-1200 yards

Temperature Range -10 to 120 degrees F

1- CR2 Battery 3v

up to 60 seconds of continuous ranging at a time

30 min inactive automatic shutoff

Weight: 9 oz

Illuminated OLED display

100 MOA of windage and elevation adjustment

Visible laser with on/off function independent of IR laser